We Are Knitters: The Poplar Scarf

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I received this beautiful Poplar Scarf knit kit from We Are Knitters in the beginning of November, right when the cozy season was ramping up and Texas temperatures were starting to blessedly dip below sixty degrees. The first thing I did when I got this yarn was rub it all over my face. I mean, seriously, you can’t necessarily tell from the photos, but these yarn balls are off-the-charts squishy. I rarely work with alpaca yarn so I always forget how soft it is – and it was no less delightful sliding across my fingers. While life happened to make this project much slower for me than it needed to be (hellooo, Christmas knitting), it was a welcome, squishy, interesting reprieve from the monotony of thesis work and ribbed hat holiday gifts.


We’ve been watching lots of Marvel TV series around here, and this was a fun pattern to work on because it required just a tiny bit of attention. The pattern for this scarf includes an interesting “snowflake” stitch that I had never done before. And if you know me as a knitter, you know I firmly believe learning new things is the only way to stay inspired – even though the process is sometimes a little intimidating. Fortunately, WAK have handy stitch tutorial videos on their website, so it was pretty easy to figure out what I was doing. (Although, I will admit that there’s a little 20-row section toward the beginning of my scarf where I wasn’t really paying attention and thus consistently did the snowflakes incorrectly, resulting in a wonky section that doesn’t increase properly. But you know what? It’s fine, because mistakes are part of the charm of handmade items – or at least that’s what I told myself when I decided to stubbornly press on without frogging.)


The finished product is beautiful, soft, and so delightfully warm – totally wrong for the weather we are experiencing here in Houston (spring is settling in, with temps creeping back into the 80s), so for now, it will live on Barb the mannequin, looking soft and pretty and getting me all kinds of inspired for my next knitting challenge.

Now for the fun part. As a thank you for following along, We Are Knitters are graciously offering all of you 20% off your entire purchase using code WAKxBundleHandmade! So head on over to browse their knitting kits and crochet kits, pick out one that strikes your fancy, and have so much fun working something up for you. Happy making, loves!

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