Easy Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to share a few easy gift ideas to get your mom, or special caregivers in your life! My mom is super chill about gifts. My brothers and I have been giving her handmade gifts for as long as I can remember, and she prefers we spend money on ourselves and on the necessities instead of on her. But as we get older and have the means to spoil her, we finding more and more opportunities to surprise her with easy gift ideas that she loves.

My family are huge Toronto Blue Jays fans and often head to a Blue Jays game for Mother’s Day. Last year my mom wasn’t able to go because she had two broken legs and was pretty much confined to the house. Now that she’s doing so much better, we’re hoping to make it to a game this year too!

My mom is one of the craftiest and creative people I know, and she definitely passed that down along to me. In our house there was always a DIY attitude when it came to decor and other fun projects. I remember making DIY chalkboard paint when first became cool because we saw it on Trading Spaces. I remember dabbing a sponge of paint to give texture to the walls of our living too. My mom also a master baker. If I head home I can almost guarantee the Food Network is on and she’s cooking up all sorts of ideas in her head.

So clearly I get a lot of my creative side from my mom. And while she was never one to garden often, she had cool ideas for the garden where she could. The garage of the house we had growing up was covered in growing vines to cover the aging paint. It looked super cool.

Easy Gift Ideas Mother's Day Planter

One of the Mother’s Day easy gift ideas I had this year was a pompom planter. This project is so cheap and easy to make. You can make it even easier by buying the pompoms, which I didn’t (but should have) done.

What You Need: 

  • Pompoms (You can buy them or make them)
  • Washed Out Tin Can
  • Glue
  • Plant & Soil

After I made a bunch of pompoms in a variety of colours I glued them around the washed tin can. If you want to add a drainage hole in the bottom of the can, you can do so with a can opener or drill, but I left it for now.

Easy Gift Ideas Mother's Day Planter

Seriously, how much easier can it get? I’m actually in love with this!

If making things isn’t quite your speed, that’s okay! I have more great easy gift ideas for you, like wooden watches!

For as long as I can remember, my mom wore a watch. I’m not sure if she still does, but for pretty much all of my childhood I can remember a watch sitting on her wrist.

So, to me a modern and unique watch is a great gift for moms. JORD has a ton of really interesting watches for both men and women. I particularly am fond of this watch because of its colour – I love pink!

Easy Gift Ideas Mother's Day Wooden Watch

If you want to get a wooden watch of your own, you are in luck! JORD is giving one lucky winner $100 towards their own wooden watch. Honestly, these watches are so unique, modern, trendy, and at a pretty decent price point. Who knows, maybe your gift for mom will come at a discount? Everyone who enters will be emailed 10% off your next JORD order, so what are you waiting for?

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