How Can I Get a Customized Bobblehead?

Did you dream of your own personal “action figure”? Nowadays, making the bobblehead figure for yourself will easily do that. Many custom bobblehead service providers will easily do it for you. Moreover, for $50 – $100, you can get a great custom bobbleheads you can put on your desk or any other position you prefer.

Getting A Customized Bobblehead

Creating your own customized bobblehead is really simple. Only prepare an image of yourself that you’ll use as a guide for the bobblehead figure. Make sure the photo shows the best pose.

With just one photo, a professional bobblehead maker can make the figure for a few weeks. But, you must ensure that the service provider is a trustworthy one that can offer high-quality crafts at reasonably low cost.

Few Custom Bobblehead ideas

Besides making the bobblehead doll from your own picture, you can also create it according to your preferences. You can build the figure based on famous sports players, dogs, cats, zombies, etc. You may also use this statistic for different occasions including weddings, office meetings, and family gatherings.

You can select only one figure per stand or add other figures depending on your preference to the same stand. For example, if you want to use it for your wedding, you and your bride can make bobbleheads on one stand. Or, you can build your doll and family on one stand to memorize good family moments.

Certain information is relevant

If you want to make your custom bobbleheads or you want to create a funny bobblehead, some specifics are quite relevant. The figure you get is stylized based on the photo you send to the service provider. So, you have to look at some info.

For example, if the photo you send has you laughing or smiling, the bobblehead figure you get will have the same expression. Also, if you wear any accessories in the picture, the final result would also reflect the same. The trick is to match the end product as closely as possible with your picture.

So, if you want to highlight any information, let the provider know it beforehand.

What is needed to prepare my custom bobblehead?

All you need is a few decent images, one side view and one front view! Include pictures of any clothes, jeans, shoes, logos, accessories, or backdrop you have.


If you want to get your own personalised bobbleheads, make sure you send the best picture of yourself with the right expressions and the right accessories or other info. Then, you must provide as much detailed clarification as you want to see the bobblehead doll before the service provider begins working on your order.

You will need to know if you need just one figure on one stand or add more figures on the same stand. The rest is waiting to be completed and delivered to your address.

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