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What to consider before purchasing Discount Bathroom Faucets?

The decoration of your bathroom is not supposed to be complete without a good range of proper faucets to match the sink, toilet, shower and tub. You are required to select such a faucet which is likely to suit decor of your bathroom as well as it will be perfect to add durability, versatility and elegance to the bathroom. If you want to avail all the above described benefits, then you have to go for Discount Bathroom Faucets.

In spite of being on the discounted rate, it does not make these faucets of lesser quality. It is up to you to choose the faucets to suit the decor of the bathroom. The manufacturers of the Discount Bathroom Faucets basically give their priority to your needs and requirements and that is why they only compromise on the price but not on the quality. It is because as a buyer you will always want the best quality product.

Discount Bathroom Faucets

In the time of selecting Discount Bathroom Faucets, you have to decide what kind of design and style you want in the faucet. On the other hand, you are also supposed to buy the faucets as per your budget and need. Buying very expensive products does not mean you will get the best quality.

If you have a small bathroom, then you need to buy small faucet. It is because sink along with other accessories would really be very space oriented. In case you are interested in sleek design, then you have the option to go for various modern designs.

If you are thinking to buy some good quality discount bathroom faucets, then there are various factors that you are supposed to consider during your purchase. Some of the factors are described below.

  • Not an Unimportant Part

You may consider faucet as an unimportant part compared to other plumbing tools and things, but it is not. Faucets are there to represent more about fashion and design. It is your sheer necessity. Faucet is like salt, you don’t understand its significance while it is present, and rather you understand its importance while it is absence. Faucets might not have that many moving parts but that does not make this tool insignificant. Nevertheless, you can go for the cheaper model while buying faucets and it would not matter that much.

  • Wear and tear

Faucets are supposed to go through a lot of wear as well as tear since they are considered to be one of the most used tools in bathroom. Purchasing some cheap product will only be viable for short amount of time. On the other hand, if you want to plan for a long period of time then you should buy some expensive faucet to get some decent quality product. It is because in the long run the faucet will surely be prone to breaking as well as will eventually be ending up costing even more money if you do otherwise.

Polished Brass Bathroom Faucet
High End Brass Bathroom Faucet

  • Do your research

You are supposed to do some good online research to find some good quality faucets at some discounted price. The more you research, the better it will be for you.

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Using Custom Bobblehead As Gifts – 3 Important Tips

There are many uses of bobblehead dolls. One of the most common uses of custom figurines is to be used as gifts. Whether it is for your personal event such as the birthday or the wedding, or for your business promotions, giving personalized bobbleheads to your friends and clients will help to improve your personal and business image.

So, it is important to know how to create the best custom bobbleheads so that you can give it freely without feeling that you are giving something useless. You want to make sure that people see your custom figurines as something valuable and important for them to keep.

Here are 3 important tips to use custom bobblehead as gifts:

  1. Make The Bobblehead Related To The Event

The focus of the bobblehead theme should be in the event, not in you personally. Why should you focus it on the event? That’s because it is what people will remember. When the custom figurine is created in relation to the event that you have, whether it is personal or business event, people will remember the event when they look at the custom figurine later. (more…)

DIY Freckles Sign

I’m excited to be included in this fun series!   Please go check out Living with Punks to see all the other awesome home projects she’s gathered over there!  jackpot!  and…Holy cow, I want to find a chair like the one above and have a party with it!  I love to make things for my house!

I’m kicking myself because literally the day before I heard about this ‘home’ series, I posted my tutorial  for super easy valances for your windows….you can check that out {here}.  And of course we lots of other ‘ home’ projects, but one of my favorite things to make for my house involves applique and words…it’s kind of like the long-cut for a totally cute printable. I’ve had my eye on such a project for a while, so I thought it was the perfect time to work on it!

freckles a copy

I’ve got a cute little girlie over at my house with the most awesome freckles, ever!  I’ve seen this quote floating around, and knew that Scarlet needed it in her room.  She shares a room with her older sister, and their room is super bright and colorful.

freckles c copy

I was also gifted a system from Pottery Barn Teen of 4 squares that you hang together to make a decorative bulletin board, magnet board, peg board, etc (Have you see those?)  I didn’t love the fabric on them, so I’ve been holding on to them to give them a makeover…I thought this was the perfect opportunity.  Here’s a pic of what I started with:

freckles k

If you don’t have these (who does?!?) This project could be totally replicated with just a square of plywood…or even placed in an empty picture frame.  This piece is 16 x 16, and all measurements (as far as the letters go) are cut according to that, but could be easily adjusted!

freckles l

To start off, prepare your piece… for me, that meant tearing it apart, which was informative to me!  The original fabric was held down with super sticky double-sided tape (good info for future reference!)

freckles m

also, the original board was layered with a piece of foam-core board (you can get that stuff at the Dollar Store!)  So, If you’re starting with just a piece of wood, layer it with some foam core, and get out your double-sided tape!  I just reused that stuff.

freckles n

The first real step is to cut a swatch of fabric that is large enough to cover the front and still have enough to go around to the back to secure it.  I cut mine about 20 x 20 just to be safe, and then I trimmed later on in the project.

Second, start cutting your letters!  Iron wonder-under or heat-n-bond onto the back of your fabric before cutting it, according to the instructions.

freckles e copy

I used a Cricut to cut the majority of my letters.  I used the Sans Serif Cartridge for a basic font.  Freckles, though I picked a font off of the computer, and printed out, traced it, and then cut it by hand.  The whole project could  be done like this!  No special Cricut or Silhouette tools needed.

Here are the heights for each row of lettering:

A GIRL: 3 inches

WITHOUT: 1.75 inches

freckles: The F (the largest letter) is about 3 inches high…

IS LIKE: 2 inches


STARS: 3 inches

Next, use a disappearing ink marker to mark the edge of your board, so you know how much surface area you have to work with while laying out your letters.

freckles f

Remove the paper backing from the back of each letter…


freckles h


And then lay out your letters on top of your white fabric:

freckles g

When they are laid out how you like it, go ahead and iron all of the letters into place very carefully.  (Follow the wonder-under instructions for this as well)  After they are ironed in place, you’ll need to stitch around each letter.

freckles j

freckles ifreckles o

Then the easy part:  Lay your work face-down, and then put your foam-core-covered board on top of that.

Layer some double-sided tape right along the edge of your board, and, if you need to trim your white fabric, now is the time to do it!  I started by folding down the edges just a little bit to make sure my words were lined up nicely on the other side.  I made several adjustments until it was right.

freckles p

Next you just need to fold-in the corners so they have a mitered look.  It should stick temporarily to the double-sided tape, but I would use a staple gun to attach it permanently.  Hang a hook on the back, and if you’re using wood, you’re done!

freckles qfreckles r

I had to re-poke through some screw holes,

freckles s

…and then replace the backing to hang it up.

freckles t

I love decorating with words, and homemade art…those are the pieces in my home that get the most compliments.

freckles d copy