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Can you take a shower with stainless steel jewelry?

Can You Take a Shower With Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel jewelry is a great option for many for numerous reasons. Key among them is that it’s relatively affordable compared to gold, and it’s very durable. Stainless steel jewelry also offers a clean, understated finish that can effortlessly go with anything in your wardrobe.

These are some of the qualities that have escalated its popularity in recent years.

However, once you get your jewelry, it’s common to wonder about its care regimen and its limitations. For example, a common question asked regarding stainless steel jewelry is how it holds to water.

Does Stainless Steel Tarnish?

Before we get into how your stainless steel jewelry will handle water, let’s talk about this metal Vis a Vis tarnishing. (more…)